• simcoon is a scientific library built to facilitate the analysis of mechanics of materials.
  • It is built on the top of Armadillo, a high quality C++ linear algebra library.
  • It integrates several algorithms for the analysis of heterogeneous materials
  • Enjoy!

simcoon is a C++ library with emphasis on speed and ease-of-use. Its principle focus is to provide tools to facilitate the implementation of up-to-date constitutive model for materials in Finite Element Analysis Packages. This is done by providing a C++ and a Python API to generate user material subroutine based on a library of functions. Also, simcoon provides tools to analyse the behavior of material, considering loading at the material point level.

Simcoon is mainly developed by contributors from the staff and students of Arts et M?tiers ParisTech, that are members of the LEM3 laboratory. It is released under the GNU General Public License: GPL, version 3. Several institutions have contributed to the development of simcoon:

  • Arts et M?tiers: : French Technical University
  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg: School of Mines and Technical University in Freiberg, Germany.
  • CNRS: National French Center for scientific research.
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