The Recovery Props Library

The recovery props library provides a set of function to check and evaluate the properties of stiffness and compliance tensors.

void check_symetries(mat L, string umat_type, int axis, vec props, int maj_sym)

Check the symmetries of a stiffness matrix L, and fill the vector of material properties. Depending on the symmetry found, the string umat_type, the axis of symmetry (if applicable) the vector of material properties, and the major symmetry maj_sym (L_ij = L_ji ?). If the major symmetry condition is not fulfilled, the check of symmetries if performed on the symmetric part of L

Material Symmetries considered
Symmetry umat_type axis size of props
Fully anisotropic ELANI 0 0
Monoclinic ELMON 1,2 or 3 0
Orthotropic ELORT 0 9
Cubic ELCUB 0 3
Transversely isotropic ELITR 1,2 or 3 5
Isotropic ELISO 0 2
check_symetries(L, umat_name, axis, props, maj_sym);